Palletising Solutions


Articulated Arm Robotic Depalletisers

Scott supply and integrate Kuka and ABB robots into a wide range of industrial applications, including palletising and

We supply the full range of depalletising solutions:
High speed
Cans, bottles, crates, cases, bags
Low level and high level outfeeds

Light, fast, and powerful, articulated arm robots
from Kuka and ABB are specifically designed
for high-speed palletising and depalletising of
heavy payloads


The SCOTT-902 Robotic Depalletiser is ideal for
single or multi-line depalletising of cases, bags,
and pails.Up to 12 cycles/minute. Low-level product discharge. Off-the-shelf components. Easy single-level access. Automatic pallet and sheet removal. Allen Bradley Windows-based Operatorinterface.

SCOTT-300 Depalletiser

Extremely flexible modular depalletiser for:
Glass and plastic bottles, jars, and metal cans
Low level discharge, simple changeover.Up to 2.5
layers/minute. 4-sided layer clamping. Stacking
of layer boards and empty pallets.
SCOTT-400 Depalletiser

Depalletises bottles and cans at high speeds.
High level discharge, simple changeover.
Up to 3 layers/minute.
Pallet and sheet dispensing
SCOTT-80 Sheet Dispenser
SCOTT-90 Pallet Dispenser
Easy access.
Manual local control.
Simple adjustment.
Accurate positioning.
Electro-mechanical operation.

SCOTT-50 Depalletiser

The SCOTT-50 Semi-automatic Mini Depalletiser has been designed specifically to aid the manual depalletising of bottles, and can achieve output speeds of up to 6000 bottles/hour depending on the bottle type, the number of bottles per layer, and other factors.

Constructed all of stainless steel, the SCOTT-50 is robust, simple, and space efficient. It can be installed quickly and easily, with minimal space requirements.

It features a pneumatically assisted horizontal travel.